A Guide for Drafting Comprehensive and Effective Computer Policies

V3- Updated to deal with today's computer environment


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About The Policy Guide Author

D. Douglas Rehman is the President of Rehman Technology Services, Inc. (RTSI). The company specializes in the forensic examination of computer data. This process can reveal what a computer has been used for, attempts to conceal or destroy evidence, attempts to fabricate evidence, what web sites have been visited, what email has been sent or received, what files were uploaded or downloaded, and when files were last accessed. RTSI also provides Data and Information Security consulting services, electronic countermeasures sweeps, and investigative services.

Mr. Rehman spent thirteen years in law enforcement as a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Special Agent and as an Illinois State Police (ISP) Inspector. Throughout his career, Mr. Rehman was involved in the technical aspects of law enforcement, including forensic computer analysis, seizure of computer data, computer crime investigation, design and installation of covert audio and video surveillance devices, court ordered wire tapping, radio communications, and electronic countermeasures.

Mr. Rehman pioneered the proactive investigation of pedophiles via computer. He has spent more than 2000 undercover hours online posing as child victims and adult pedophiles, resulting in more than 75 prosecutions nationwide. He was a founding member of the FBI’s Operation Innocent Images and has regularly instructed at the FBI Academy. Mr. Rehman has instructed hundreds of law enforcement officers and regularly consults with federal, state and local agencies nationwide on topics ranging from computer crimes to computer forensics and child exploitation. He regularly consults with United States Attorney's Offices and State Prosecutors in computer related prosecutions. Mr. Rehman has been accepted in state and federal courts as an expert witness in the following areas: computers (PC and Mac); computer forensics; digital imaging, the Internet; America Online; electronic surveillance; and child exploitation.

Mr. Rehman has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show twice, national network news many times, Inside Edition twice, and National Public Radio numerous times, is regularly interviewed and quoted by the print media, and has testified in Congress. He is often invited to be a speaker at technology conferences and is a regular instructor for the Institute of Police Technology and Management, University of North Florida. Mr. Rehman is serving his fifth two-year term as the President of the Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators (FACCI). The organization is composed of federal, state, county, and city law enforcement officers, as well as military investigators, and corporate security investigators.

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A Guide for Drafting Comprehensive and Effective Computer Policies


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