A Guide for Drafting Comprehensive and Effective Computer Policies

V3- Updated to deal with today's computer environment


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Satisfaction Guarantee

In the many years that we have been selling our policy guide, we have only had three people who requested a refund. If you should decide within 5 days of receiving your copy that you are unhappy with our guide, we will refund your purchase price, less any shipping paid. The only conditions that we place on this refund are:

You tell us why you felt the guide did not meet your expectations and how we could improve it so that it would.

You return the guide and the diskette or, if your product was delivered via download, you destroy all copies. (Any copies that you may have made must also be returned or destroyed and you may not use any of the information contained in the guide and/or on the diskette/files in any way. Copies of the sample policies that you may have placed on computer systems must be destroyed.)

If your purchase was made via credit card, we will issue a credit to your card. If your purchase was via check, we will issue a refund via check.

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A Guide for Drafting Comprehensive and Effective Computer Policies


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